Lovely wife dating

The couple does not have any children at this present time.

Neither one of the two have been heard saying anything about wanting to have children with their significant other.

Anjana Yelavarthy who belong to a very respectable family. She has worked as a software engineer, and is a moviebuff, most of all she is a neatness fanatic, who enjoys cooking, in fact she ahs posted pictures of dishes on her facebook page. The led a very simple life that is the key success of their relationship.

They dated more than 5 years and on 12 August 2012 they got engaged and soon after they got married in the same year on 27 October 2012.

In this respectable way they announce their relationship to public.

Nani who is actually Naveen Babhu Ghanta, was born February 24th, 1984.

acted in mainly Telugu and Tamil films, is married to Anjana Yelevarthy, an interesting love story as the couple dated for five years before becoming engaged in 2012 and got married the same year. The one great thing about the couple is that they do not have any past affairs.

There is no doubt that they would have a beautiful baby though.