Luciferian dating

Renounce Spirit of death from the blows to the head.Meaning: The Masonic idea of death is accompanied with no gloom, because it is represented on as physical sleep for an unknown period of time, from which there will be an awakening of the body and a resurrection of a spiritual body capable and fitted for eternal life.• enacted as ritual murder, • the fear of death, • false martyrdom, • fear of violent gang attack, • assault, or rape, and • the helplessness Renounce the false resurrection – mockery of Jesus Resurrection.

Meaning: A mathematical instrument for dividing and drawing circles; an instrument indicating the magnetic meridian.

Secret word BOAZ – it causes a person mixing and mingling of truth and error.

Also pray for the healing of my emotions, and ask to be made sensitive to the Holy Spirit of God.

Renounce the cable tow - cable tow is a rope or line for drawing or leading.

Renounce the secret words of SHIBOLETH & JACHIN – Shiboleth’s meaning: An ear of corn; a test word; a watchword; slogan.