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Matthew Lewisannounced to his fans that he had married Angela Jones by sharing a stunning photo from their big day.

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"They got together in July and hit it off straight away." Now that they've spent almost two years engaged, it's safe to say that they've spent enough time together to know this is the real deal.

Lewis originally posted the picture from their ceremony on Twitter along with this hilarious caption: , to analyze this adorable image for clues about their relationship. First, Reiman would like to direct our attention to where Lewis has his hands placed.

Months later, they were engaged with Lewis apparently popping the question at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

Matthew Lewis, who has transformed over the years from Harry Potter's companion Neville Longbottom into an IRL underwear model, is now engaged.

Fuming,” he captioned a stunning photo of the couple on their wedding day.