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He will be self-confident, humble and eager to learn from his mistakes. He will be one of those guys who fixes things – but not me. He will have respect and admiration for my close friendship and co-parenting relationship with my wasband. He must have a humane, respectful, working, co-parenting relationship with her. I prefer only one ex-wife but will hear pleadings for special circumstances for two. He will never, ever say He will not be looking for someone with whom to re-enact, re-ignite or re-live some endless loop of pain, rage, revenge or drama from past relationships or past lives. His work will preferably give him a body of knowledge useful to me – doctor, lawyer, educator, writer, beloved, benevolent King of a small, tropical nation. He will develop a complicated but strong relationship with my mother. If I am in his life, he will feel like he won the lottery, because he will be right. Note to Self: Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Post-Divorce, Single, Midlife Mothers Middle School Daughter Gives Midlife Mom a Beauty Makeover from the Inside Out Best Tip for Midlife Divorce and Dating Makeover?

He will be formally educated but understand – and critical of - the limitations of formal education. He will be passionate about his work, which will contribute something good to society. Read more advice and musings on midlife, marriage, divorce and dating: Dating Over 40: Post-Divorce Midlife Dating - How Bad Can it Really Be? Attitude Adjustment Marriage Advice for a Bride and Groom Whose Wedding is Crashed by an Uninvited Guest: Hurricane Irene Wedding Tips and Marital Do's and Don'ts for Millennial Brides: Part 2 (Plus advice from President Obama) Wedding Tips and Marital Advice for a Millennial Bride: Part 1: Where to Begin?

You’ll see a photo of the person, and the person will see a photo of you.

If you both like what you see, the site will suggest a date and open a chat window so the two of you can work out the details. At this point, these mobile dating sites are most commonly used by young people — straight and gay — to arrange more casual hookups (i.e., sex).

Divorce Diaries: 7 Life Lessons on Midlife Break-ups We found love over 40 and know that it is a process that takes work.


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