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Mulder starts to run after the car as it drives away. Howard asks why “Morris” let the FBI agents leave, and Mulder answers that they didn’t know anything. No Name adds that they can’t just “disappear” two FBI agents. You’d think a top secret testing facility would be a little less obvious, but whatever. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, we’ll get to that later. Mulder has no idea who that is, so each time No Name says something, Mulder just repeats it with this “I obviously have no idea what you’re talking about, but I’m pretending like I do” voice. This guy is named “Howard” and the guy next to him, in shadow, doesn’t have a name yet. “Mulder” asks her to pick him up some Morleys (Morley’s slogan? Someone called the FBI this morning from “Wegman’s” office. ” As it hovers directly over Mulder’s head, there’s this whooshing noise and a ripple before the space craft seems to malfunction and either land or crash. Or, for the youngsters in the audience, that Lindsay Lohan movie where she switches bodies with Jamie Lee Curtis? He gets into the passenger seat of a car and a voice from behind him keeps calling him Morris. I think he’s finally getting the hint, boys and girls. No Name makes an offhand remark that “the old man” is still here, and Howard rushes off to find out what’s going on. Mulder follows No Name’s lead and swipes his card at another door that has Morris’ name on it. Inside the office, Mulder takes a gander at the photos on the wall. Just before Mulder is forced to react to No Name’s anger, the phone rings. Mulder notices a picture of Morris’s family, which includes an average-looking pre-teen son and a, let’s say, generously be-schnozzled teenage daughter. No Name confirms that it’s “the wife”, then cracks an invisible whip at Mulder, making that oh-so-classy “wuck-shh” sound as Mulder just looks like he got hit with a truck.

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And is it considered cheating on Scully if Mulder’s body has sex even though Mulder wasn’t in it at the time? Scully just chases after him as he leaves the office, just totally pissed off at him. And as she’s lecturing him he totally walk away, mid-sentence, to hit on the Bottle Blond again. She turns the TV off and kicks down the footrest which forces him upright. She’s the one I want to have little Uber Scullys with. Since the crash, this pilot thinks he’s Lana Chi, a 75 year old Indian woman from the nearby Moapi Indian reservation. He apologizes for not calling sooner as she stares at who she thinks is Mulder. I’ll listen for as long as it takes to trace this call, then you’re goin’ bye bye (yes, like N*Sync).” He tells her that the man she’s with is Morris Fletcher, and basically recaps what we saw in the beginning, with the body switching. “Mulder” has told Kersh about where she is and she must follow his instructions or “don’t bother coming back from Nevada”. Scully apologizes as Not Spender and Jeff look at him with disappointment. Or when Duchovny couldn’t get enough money from the FOX studio execs and left the show? We see it’s a helicopter videotaping a 70′s blue two door sports car speeding down the highway being chased by cops. You know, having a baby and living without Mulder sure turned her into a weak, weepy mess. Mulder then tries to convince Crump to let him go too, because he “must be cramping [his] style.” Crump tells him to shut up and then he looks at Mulder’s badge. He tells Mulder to go faster and Mulder tells him that he’s already going 70mph. Why doesn’t Mulder just start telling Crump some stories about growing up in NYC, the Yankees, and Yale University? And you’re the one making him drive faster and head west. Back to the bozo work investigating huge piles of manure? “You can kill a man but you can’t kill what he stands for… That’s a beautiful thing to see.” OK, so CSM is out to break Mulder’s spirit. “You’re saying that Gibson Praise is infected with the virus? Scully tells him that it’s a part of his DNA, and all humans’ DNA. Except in Gibson it’s turned on.” He looks at her, and says “So if that were true, that would mean that Gibson is in some part extraterrestrial.” Scully does her patented breathy answer: “It would mean that all of us are.” Didn’t she say at the start of the episode that the DNA in the virus isn’t extraterrestrial? Or that since humans contain the DNA, what is terrestrial is actually extraterrestrial? Nuclear Plant Of A Terrestrial Boy Who Has Extraterrestrial DNA And Can Communicate With An Actual Extraterrestrial Although It’s Never Fully Explained How. We then see Samantha in her nightgown telling a full-grown “Fox” that she’s afraid of what is going on downstairs.

Y’know, my human credential.” But she ignores him, lecturing him on how he could have at least come to bed, pretend they have a happy marriage. So, she stalks off and he follows her, asking about his car keys and looking totally overwhelmed. Anyone else thinkin’ sudden split personality disorder? Not Spender leads “sir” over to another Plexiglas room, where Mrs. Not only does she salute, but she explains in perfect English that she is Captain Robert Mc Donnah and explains that the craft lost power “in the right rear quadrant”, but they couldn’t identify the malfunction. She writes down the name, tells her “Mulder” to pick up the phone, as our Mulder catches her up on the plot so far. The attendant, still inside the gas station shop, notices a rumbling. Again, he gets props for pronouncing Nevada correctly, but otherwise is totally lamesause. Mulder enters with the data recorder and meets Scully by the frozen food section. Just then, “Mulder” pops in, and our Mulder launches toward him. Because the show should’ve totally gone back to Vancouver. Or made some kind of commercial and sent it to FOX. But remember that one moment in Season 9 when she was punching that rogue FBI dude and screaming and breaking down the nursery door and then totally shot him, like, three times? So, this officer comes up to the captain and whispers sweet nothings in his ear. Crump tells him to go faster and as Mulder speeds up, Crump feels a little better and tries to apologize. Driving all over creation is totally your fault, dude. Then Kersh remarks how they love playing the martyr. ” Kersh pushes Mulder’s buttons by telling him he can quit. He’s taking him away from his life’s work and he’s using Diana to drive a wedge in his relationship with Scully. Mulder’s working on gluing back together the burned up X-Files. I’m sorry, but sometimes I don’t understand why Scully puts up with his shit. That whole We All Came From The Aliens thing that gets discussed in later episodes? Apparently the party’s over because Gibson’s sitting on the floor and A-Dawg is taking a bath in the water tank. So his skin’s falling off and then we see he’s actually a grey. A sweaty Mulder wakes up, and seems confused by the blood he sees staining his shirt. The camera flashes to Scully’s bedside clock, which reads am.

CSM, now wearing Mulder’s pectastic grey shirt (although not so pectastic on Mc Kean) and blue jeans, calmly gets back in the car with Scully and the two of them drive off. Has anyone noticed that The Bionic Woman credits are trying to go for the same tone as these but are failing miserably? Clearly these men are at his command, which is kinda cool in a totally freaked out kinda way. Inside a building, “Morris”, Howard, and No Name are asked for their Identification. What’s with this show’s liberal agenda, making all Republicans bad guys? No Name says about the leak, “He’s rubbing our noses in…

A military guy asks if he wants him to open fire, but Mulder’s all, “My touchstone is in that car, you ass! ” As Army Boy asks what Mulder’s orders are, he contemplates for a second. Their car pulls through the gate and passes a bunch of stealth-bomber-like aircraft. Anyway, as Mulder examines the photos, he seems to finally realize that this… Basically, Mulder’s leak came from within the “old man’s” office.

at least he pronounces “Nevada” right, unlike half the cast of CSI even though the show takes place there. Mm-hmm.” Scully wants to know what they’re helping. She agrees that it is a punishment, but if they want to get back on the X-Files they have to follow the rules right now. Then the captain says that he stole the car on the Utah state line, throwing some kid from the car and taking off. Scully and the Coroner Lady are checking out Vicky’s corpse. Mulder decides to speed his way through the intersection, nearly killing himself and several innocent civilians. Mulder asks Crump what he knows about whatever is happening to him. “I can think of something else I’d like to call you. ” Crump then starts screaming in pain and tells Mulder that he’s going the WRONG WAY! Scully sees that somebody’s watching an old movie on TV, then an elderly lady turns around and she starts screaming. Scully calms the woman down, telling her that it’s ok. Mulder hates it too, because he pulls Crump out of the car and heaves him into a station wagon that was sitting at another pump.