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While over 100 nations fish for sharks, only a handful have enacted regulations to protect them. waters off the East Coast and Gulf of Mexico, have laws that protect white sharks from either harassment or killing and the prohibit the sale of body parts.

Most white shark research and conservation groups are located in places where the population of white sharks is highest—off California, Mexico, South Africa and Australia. In October 2004, white sharks gained new protection in a global wildlife treaty approved by the U.

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Under the new regulations, trade is closely monitored, and may be banned altogether if white shark numbers keep fading.

Shark finning, the practice of removing fins from a shark and then discarding its body, sometimes still living, back into the ocean is another threat.

The violence of the war and its unjust nature was very traumatic to Mexican pride and is still a source of resentment for Mexicans today which can be seen in the Reconquista movement in Mexico to recover the lost Mexican territories .


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