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ISBN 978-0-9730161-9-1 New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island were a convenient destination for tens of thousands of Irish immigrants between 17.

Functioning as the narrow end of a funnel through which thousands dispersed widely across the North American continent, the Maritimes offered easy access and cheap fares, beckoning emigrants from Irelands catchment areas along the waterways of Dublin, Londonderry, and Cork.

While they left behind a scattered body of records, it is important to remember that there were two main streams of immigration to the Maritimes, one commencing in the Scottish Highlands, the other in the New England colonies during the period of the Revolutionary War.

Fragmentary and scattered though these records are, this book attempts to put names and places to a few thousand of these immigrants in the hope that some readers may find an ancestor or a kinsman.

Although the last of the modern installations on Partridge Island was disabled in 1956, many sites still contain substantial reminders of their past strength.