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Start seeing technology as a useful tool to get to know guys better. Before you know it, your convos will be getting offline."Instead of trying to micromanage your love life, create open spots for men, planned or unplanned, to fill," Massa says. Until you do, a guy may not even realize you're into him.When you hear a song you think a guy would like, send it to him on Spotify. Next time you're buying concert tickets for a band you love, buy two—and don't immediately decide who gets to be your plus-one. The key is getting the guy out of a familiar context. That's what happened to one guy Massa interviewed who met his now-fiancé on a volleyball team."You'll be missing out on all sorts of opportunities to connect with guys if you're simply waiting for them to ask you out," Massa says.

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If your jazz group has a review in the local paper, your date may be humming one of your tunes.

If your past is less than savory, be prepared to explain.t's not just Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore who look amazing and decades younger than they actually are.

The best win-win situation in this scenario is to split the check.

Therefore, in modern era of dating world, gender roles are negotiable.

The one traditional dating "do" that still stands is the general belief that men are supposed to make the first move and pay on dates.


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    In Russia, for example, the number of young women living with HIV aged 15-24 is double that among men of the same age.10 11 HIV disproportionately affects women and adolescent girls because of their unequal cultural, social and economic status in society.12 Intimate partner violence, inequitable laws and harmful traditional practices reinforce unequal power dynamics between men and women, with young women particularly disadvantaged.