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It is possible that Julia Stiles has black ancestry in her.

I'm guessing she is between 6 and 10 percent black. d=hc&id...156595&intl=us I always thought she looked like a black woman with blonde hair and white skin myself yet I've seen people post here at times this b.s. If she is indeed part-black [which I'm sure she is], why would she admit it, after all she passes for white and she's in films that deal with promoting interracial relationships...

It would be interesting to see pictures of both sets of her great-grandparents. She also kind of has black people arms and other subtle hints of congoid features.

This might be one reason for her lack of white identity as well as racial pride. I'm so confident that I'd wager five dollars she has a black ancestor.

We watched that two weeks ago..I was like, 'I love the name Baymax,' " she said.


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