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Never get tempted to send or exchange inappropriate photographs when communicating through online.

Witches can be quite cunning and even manipulative so don’t be tricked into a trance of exposing more information than you should to strangers on line.

Then click here If you still have a problem please contact the site administrator via email on Admin at Pagan Partners Picture kindly provided by Rivendell Bridal.

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Even facebook has a big wiccan community with many pages of interest.

Surfing the pagan and wiccan community sites is totally harmless and a great way to come across like minded individuals.

There are 100% free dating sites such as Plenty of Fish that can offer singles in general that live in your area.

If you type in your interests such as pagans, occult, witchcraft wiccans and so forth into your profile, you can isolate the search down to fellow witches on one of those public sites.

My advice for using the dating sites is to be sure to post attractive pictures of yourself.