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Place of Birth: Ferntree Gully, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Charities Supported: Animals Australia Unleashed, Asthma Foundation of Victoria, Australian Childhood Foundation, Bluey Day Foundation, Camp Quality, Can Teen, Dreamworld, Make-a-Wish Australia, Peta Asia Pacific, Red Cross Australia, RSPCA, WSPA.

Acting Projects / TV Work: Progress (2014), Mind Puppets (2014), The Cookie Mobster (2014), Amnesia (2013), Royal Pains (2013), Perception (2013), Dreamgirl (2013), Lemon Tree Passage (2012), Law & Order: SVU (2012), Pineapples (2012), My Funny Valentine (2012), Outsourced (2010 – 2011), City Homicide (2009), Tegan The Vegan (2009), The Wake (2009), Emergence (2009), Neighbours (2005 – 2009), Jacob Butler Music Video ‘Coma’ (2009), Chris Moyles Quiz Night (2009), 9am with David & Kim (2007), The Steph SHow (2006), Last Man Standing (2005), The Secret Life of Us (2004), Evil Never Dies (2003), Australis Cosmetics TV Commercial.

A I studied animal technology in Australia, and I didn't realize a large part of it was geared toward medical research on animals. But I am going to treat myself to a food dehydrator; I look forward to making little snacky things with it, like kale chips, and alternatives to bread. You'll notice in a lot of scenes she's eating.

I had no idea there were horrible experiments on dogs and cats happening in Australia. It seems like a good idea on the first take—but when you're shooting the scene seven or eight hours later and you have to match it, plowing down all that food is like, "Oh God!

Pippa did a number of different acting projects throughout 2009, including working on Jacob Butlers music video ‘Coma’, filming 2 roles in short films, The Wake and Emergence, doing a voice over role in an animation film Tegan The Vegan and filming a guest role in City Homicide.