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Ed Barkowitz has played in a variety of fantasy sports leagues, but draws the line at fantasy NASCAR.

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While he twice declined to blame the injury for his poor play in the third, he did at least confess to being reluctant to shoot the puck.

“As long as my arm was attached to me,” he said, “I was playing.” The Flyers were overwhelmed by the Penguins in the second half of the game and lost, 8-5.

When all is said and done, it's all about going back in time for Campbell, and honoring a man he never go to know."My dad, if he was here, he would be proud that I was able to take a hobby and turn it into a business," Campbell said.

And it turns out his father owned a jewelry shop just a short distance away from All About Coins, located at 1123 East 2100 South in Salt Lake City.

But one of his most prized possessions is his complete set of rare and pricey Mormon gold pieces."This collection, as it stands--$1.7 million," Campbell said.