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She has a quiet personality and is good at cooking, but has a poor sense of direction and often gets lost.

She was selected as a test student with her brother, and transferred to Yuihime Girls' Academy to participate in 1-T, the first-year test class. She is youngest but tallest among the main female characters. She is in Shingo's class and tries to help the students from Kagamidai Academy assimilate.

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Four drama CD adaptations titled Mashiroiro Symphony Original Drama CD Series were released by Lantis in 2010.

A 12-episode anime adaptation produced by Manglobe aired in Japan between October and December 2011.

She is eldest but shortest among the main characters.

Sana is a second-year student of Yuihime Girls' Academy and Airi's childhood friend.

She happened to meet Airi at night on September 30, the day before the transferring on October 1. Her father is Japanese and her mother is British, but she speaks only Japanese because she was born and brought up in Japan.