Ramifications of cross cultural dating

One of the most prominent and influential studies to date regarding leadership in a globalized world is the Hofstede dimensions of culture.

The study reveals similarities as well as differences across cultures and emphasizes the need to be open-minded to understand the differences in other cultures.

Recommended preparation: ANTH 1500, 2501, 2510, or HIST 3544. Survey of scientific methods used to answer archaeological questions. Analysis of prehistoric tools and tool replication. Identification and interpretation of bones of the human skeleton, methods for aging, sexing, and identifying pathologies. Method and theory of archaeological faunal analysis, including training in the identification of skeletal materials, the formation of the zooarchaeological record, and the interpretation of zooarchaeological data. Introduction to scientific lab methods used in archaeology and forensics. Prerequisite: Open only with consent of instructor. An interdisciplinary consideration of the biological, cultural, technological, and behavioral evolution of the Neanderthals and their societies. Quantitative methods appropriate to the analysis of artifact data, radiocarbon dating, and the spatial distribution of sites.

Economic, social, and ideological ramifications of the agricultural transition. (Also offered as HIST 3209 and MAST 3531.) Three credits. The properties of stone tools – the primary evidence of human behavior for humanity’s first 2.5 million years – and the processes of their manufacture. Human skeletal anatomy from an evolutionary and functional perspective.

The Implicit Leadership Theory (ILT) asserts that people’s underlying assumptions, stereotypes, beliefs and schemas influence the extent to which they view someone as a good leader.


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