Roaming profiles not updating

We were on UPM v5 I just upgraded to 5.1.1 to try and fix the issue. (I guess I dont know if existing profiles are being saved/updated or just loaded from a certain point in time) A user will call with issues in internet explorer or other program, we will delete their profile and when they log back in a new profile gets created, however when they log back on a 2nd time their settings are gone. (I can re-create this with a new test user, settings dont save) Any ideas?

We are setting up basic roaming profiles in a domain, and they work - except that the desktop wallpaper will not follow the user.

A roaming profile basically allows you to copy the user-based filesystem and HKEY_CURRENT_USER Registry hive to a defined network location at logoff (usually a user’s home drive area or a dedicated profiles share).

This data is then copied back to the user’s %USERPROFILE% area at logon to ensure a consistent user experience across sessions and devices.

Microsoft’s new apps also do not persist in any settings within the roaming profile store.