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They had made the move after seeing brochures that made it look "phenomenal." But the reality was different: the brothers recalled: "The reality is that when we got there we were put into an immigrant hostel.

I’m not saying it’s bad but it was a very slim, bare necessities situation and it rained non-stop for six weeks with snakes crawling around the floor ... But when we saw both our parents crying the night we arrived, we took strength from that to try and stick it out.” After settling, George, Malcolm and Angus started a band called Marcus Hook Roll Band, with George on vocals.

George Young and Vanda produced several of AC/DC's albums including TNT (1975), Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (1976), Let there be Rock (1977), Powerage (1978) and Blow Up Your Video (1988).

Young was solo producer on the band's 2000 album Stiff Upper Lip.

George retired in Portugal with his wife Sandra and daughter "Evie" (Yvette).