Satellite eyes problem updating the map

The friend, also a pilot, said Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah had been left rattled by his family problems, and didn’t appear to be in the right state of mind to be flying.He warned that it was ‘very possible that neither the passengers nor the other crew on-board knew what was happening until it was too late’.‘He's one of the finest pilots around and I'm no medical expert, but with all that was happening in his life Zaharie was probably in no state of mind to be flying,’ he told the NZ Herald on the condition of anonymity.

The “official” UAH global image for October, 2016 should be available in the next several days here.

New satellite images have revealed 122 objects in the southern Indian Ocean that could be debris from the Malaysian jetliner missing since March 8 with 239 people on board, Malaysia's acting transport minister said.

We consider pricing to be the most important factor in satellite television, but beyond that we look at contract terms, installation costs, the number of HD channels and on-demand titles, the quality and capability of DVRs and other equipment, and customer satisfaction scores.

To pick our top two, we analyzed the top satellite TV companies in the US.

Since Glorystar, Home2US, and Pittsburgh International Telecommunications solely provide religious and international programming, we focused on DIRECTV and DISH as the top two satellite TV companies who provide programming for a more general audience.


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