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Wearing headphones or earbuds are another universal “do not disturb” sign; in fact, many people will wear earbuds without actually listening to music want to know what she’s listening to.

Other “do not disturb” signs include when she’s reading, writing or working on her laptop.

You’re dealing with people who are frustrated, stressed, hungover or generally wishing they were anywhere else.

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There was also a picture of him with the both females in a hotel room in Yuma, Arizona lying next to next to a pile of cash.

Anyone who reads my site for long enough knows I’m a big proponent of the cold approach.

Almost every woman out there has a story about being harassed by guys who wanted to “just say hello” and who thought that their desire to introduce themselves overrode her right to be left alone.

Who goes from being a stranger to a full-blown creeper in the span of a couple sentences because they won’t take a hint. They will complain that it’s unfair to miss out on missing someone awesome just because some creeper somewhere might have weirded a woman out.

But just as women tend to signal their interest with what’re known as “approach invitations”, they’ll also signal that they the same way.