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All this despite the boy having told the court he had felt uncomfortable because he knew it was wrong.After all, if the judge in this month’s case can be so lenient in the face of such a seismic betrayal of trust, what message does that send out to other young boys and, crucially, potential female predators?All these measures encourage good health practices such as safe sex, getting tested for sexually transmitted infections and avoiding methamphetamine addiction.

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Why should it be any different if the victim is male and the abuser female?

As the mother of two sons, I am appalled at the inference that a boy can’t be raped by a woman and damaged for the rest of his life by such an experience in the way we would expect a girl to be.

A baby rabbit, even one that has never encountered a bird before, will still cower at the sight of a hawk's shadow. The dark, heights, blood, enclosed spaces, snakes, spiders, psychopaths, loud sounds, pain, death, monsters, humiliation, loneliness, complete emptiness; these fears have always been with us.

They are the dangers our early ancestors faced, and their shadows still haunt our nightmares.

In October 2006, New York City-area media including the New York Times and WCBS-TV reported that Adam4Adam was the focus of a conspiracy to find gay men online to rob.