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was all in negotiation until I signed the agreement on Oct. I was fired from my job for missing work because I was arrested and was in jail for 14 days before I could post bond to get out since then my charges against me have been dismiss for a crime someone e...I have worked for the same company for 16 years - the company is being purchased by a larger company - we are technically promised to have a job there - each one has to go through the re-hire process....Unemployment compensation benefits create a safety net for laid off workers and are considered one of the most efficient means of stimulating a distressed economy.

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I was fired because of another co worker that I begged my manager not to put on my shift because she didn't like to work they let the hole third shift go I had no write ups, violations or customer com... i was discharged from my employment because i volunteered to copy medical records for another company on a day the employer said to take off until she decides what she is doing with the company she was managing.

I've been let go from a huge business in Ohio, I don't agree with the reason I was let go but understand. The owner of the small company I work for has been looking at porn at work. She told I was texted by the office manager to take off Friday and Monday until the dr decided what she was going to do about the offices she was managing.

It was winter when I started and with the winter weather.

And road conditionsthe week I started ibeing benefits after being let go from a 12 year long job.

And road conditionsthe week I started ibeing I was terminated July 20 with pay to Aug 2.