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It's her head game that sets herself apart, because she goes all the way down and better.

I shouldn't have been scared by this, but I kind of was. One of those benefits bein that I help you get laid with other girls too? Ever since we played in the sandbox she was a tomboy who could beat me or pretty much any other boy in a fight, and, well, that hadn't really changed. Tori didn't travel in the same social circles as Kaitlyn or any of her friends, but that didn't mean she couldn't have heard; Tori was on the school paper and loved to keep an ear to the ground for gossip. "Kyle's looking to make an impression to kick off senior year, go out with a bang, I think, and he's been looking for an easy target." "Me? This was hardly a surprise, but still unwelcome news. "Well, if you're gonna be a dick about it..." "Sorry, I won't be a dick, just not in the mood for games today," I said. The school newspaper's low on reporters and Nadia put the word out for us to look for the best writers we could find, saying we'd be off her shit list for a whole month if we got her some solid talent.

Scared and excited, for sure, but confused even in the excitement. I told you you got a gift that's gotta be shared with the world. Kaitlyn: Why, you think we got somethin special going on? In all honesty, I hadn't really thought of what I'd call the two of us. True, now she was taller, slender and lithe with that classic redhead complexion, pale skin, freckles on her arms and cheeks, bright blue eyes and a mop of curly red hair that fell about her shoulders. "You got it," Tori said, tapping the side of her nose. "Actually, that wasn't the only reason I came looking for you," Tori said, flashing her large, toothy smile. Since I don't know any great writers and you're the closest I've got, I thought I'd hit you up, see if you were interested," Tori said, amused.

For the weekend after Kaitlyn and I first had sex, I knew that feeling well. Yeah, she was a bimbo cheerleader, but for what we wanted to do, that wasn't all bad. She shot off down the street fast enough to press me back into my seat, pumping up her radio to a local pop station so loud I thought my ears were going to bleed.

I was on top of the fucking world, and it felt like not even god himself could've knocked me down from that high perch. Girls who'd go out of their way to ignore my existence not even a few days ago, looking at me, smiling, some of them I think even licking their lips. "Asking me for a pencil and then complaining that I gave you the wrong pencil is not exactly what I'd call talking," I said. She was talking at a mile a minute, but since I couldn't hear her over the music, I was forced to yell.

It only takes a year of running from Regan Hills' resident raging asshole, epic bully and king of the school because he's a fucking star football player Kyle Bowman to grow a set of eyes in the back of your head. "Regan Hills High is pretty much fucking slut central." Did Kaitlyn tell them? I slowed and put my foot down, balancing on the bike as I took in the driver.