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Steam can verify the correctness over installed game files and fix them if necessary.Find Game in Library - Verify Integrity of Game Files The Steam content system is divided into geographical regions.After you have registered and read the forum rules, you can check out the FAQ for more information on using the forum. Last night i got it on to 1% and 3% before it vanished without trace. Also tried turning on and off all the Smart card authentications and everything i can find in the newwork connections and internet options tab. What i had to do was install Steam using the downloader that was downloaded from the website.

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If you are still experiencing the same issue please submit a support ticket for further assistance.

So, over the last day or so I’ve had dozens of reasonably high profile games proc updates on Steam.

Restarting the computer flushes all kinds of system states and caches, while resetting other programs and releasing locks on files and other resources.

Clearing the Steam download cache will cause the Steam client to flush locally cached configuration data and acquire it from the Steam servers again.

I have disabled my anti virus, checked the memory, the hard drive, updated my device drivers to the latest versions, run ccleaner on the registry, but still no joy. I have also run Mocrosoft "Fix it" but this just hangs at "Resolving issues".