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The day (it was a Friday) was partly spent at my favorite cafe eating cake. And then I went out for a day in the sun testing my new Speedlight flash, which was one of the best birthday presents I could ever imagine!

A married dentist who had affair with a woman he met on a dating website claims he had no idea she was one of his patients, a tribunal heard.

The other reason is simply that I enjoy Christmas so much, I want to extend it as much as possible.

To save all the celebrating for just one or a few days just seems like such a waste of joy. In fact, I haven’t even decided whether to go for a real Christmas tree or a plastic one.

The tribunal heard that Pym continued with the relationship after finding out she was a patient of his and being advised to desist.


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    Whether Falcon 4.0 is better than Milk Float Simulator 2012?

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    Samuel Houston was born on March 2, 1793, near Lexington, Virginia. He was made the first president of the Republic of Texas in 1836 and was re-elected in 1841.