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In the months that followed, I worked closely with the 4-person team that they assigned to Groove. I worked with Mojo Tech on a few further iterations of the Groove app and marketing site while I began to recruit Groove’s first employees.

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Four months from now, I could have a living, breathing product in the market that would let me collect user feedback, get validation and push this business forward.

Or, I could still potentially be sitting here with a decision than it is to make one.

We worked as a team, and we had a teaser site and a beta app completed in about four months. As I think about the work we did together, there are a number of takeaways -- both positive and negative -- that I’d urge any founder in a similar position to consider: I had an app The most important consideration of all.

Four Months Later Getting to that point was all I needed to test my assumption that there was demand for a simple alternative to Zendesk. Four months after we got started, I had a working app that we released into the market.

Of course, if I hired an agency, I wouldn’t need to recruit a team yet.