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After resident appointments at Westminster Hospital he served for four years in the RAF, and acted as Medical Officer to No.

617 Squadron – the squadron behind the famous ‘Operation Chastise’.

Two hydroelectric power stations were destroyed and several more were damaged.

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You can’t get anybody to police people parking dangerously on double yellow lines out here in broad daylight, let alone on verges.

Furthermore, people do need somewhere to park their vehicles – lord knows they pay enough for the privilege of being on the road.

My bank called me up to ask what was happening, saying all my post was coming back to them.

“I painted my number to show that I still live here. “We’re ignored by everyone here.” The civil engineer, who has eight children, says: “What can I do? There are not enough larger homes for rent - they’re all for sale.” The estates demolitions have added concerns about asbestos to worries about crime and the increasing numbers of drug dealers outside at night. “Some nights I just come down and sit here and think. I fear for my family.” 'Tin-roofed shack' A man disgusted by the way his parents were treated has complained to the Local Government Ombudsman.

There can be no argument that during the 55 years I have lived in the Mile Oak area, the verges have become a disgusting mess as a result of being driven over and parked on.