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Turbulence by Peter Pan Occasionally, circumstance tosses individuals together where social etiquette just can't seem to gain a foothold.

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Another organiser, Maha Khan, 25, a London-based British Asian who runs the Asian Speed D8, believes India is ready for speed dating.

"I think cities like Mumbai are ready for a safe, informal way of getting to know each other face-to-face with a view to finding partners." The Asian Speed D8 company has been organising speed dating in the UK for the past two years. We always knew there would be a great response, the word has been spreading like fire, and people are interested." Now the organisers are planning to take the event to Bangalore and Delhi.

They say they are encouraged by the sell-out in Mumbai for two nights running and a long waiting list. Maha Khan, whose family comes from Pakistan, plans to take speed dating to Pakistan, with an event in Karachi.

But she's only cautiously optimistic about a foray into Pakistan.

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