Updating assemblyinfo

An example Common Assembly is as follows: For each of your projects, you’ll want to clean up your assembly info to contain only information that is unique to that assembly – everything else will go in the Common Assembly file.

For most of my projects, that just means setting the Assembly Title, though you may feel Assembly Description is warranted.

updating assemblyinfo-64

For example, [assembly: Assembly Version("")] indicates 2 as the major version, 3 as the minor version, 25 as the build number, and 1 as the revision number.

A version number such as [assembly: Assembly Version("1.2.")] specifies 1 as the major version, 2 as the minor version, and accepts the default build and revision numbers.

In order to find/replace the version number, we are going to use a Regular Expression to find and replace the text within your Common Assembly file.

There are many other ways to do this using community build task add-ins, but since we want to keep it simple let’s just define the Regular Expression task manually in a new file, Build.tasks (this example taken from the Nu Get build.tasks file).

Of course, each project in your solution has an Assembly file which provides, among other things, the ability to set the Assembly name and version number.


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