Updating database with phpmyadmin

Sometimes issues may arise with a problem called serialized data which is when an array of PHP data is somewhat like encyrpted with the actual URL, so if the URL is changed the data is gone.There are 2 brilliant tools that can handle serialized data and do a search and replace on the old and new databases for the URL and leave serialized data intact.

Everything worked great except for handling with rows that has same customer_ID.

The row has a field called "customer_ID", and I cannot make this a primary key, since the initial text file used to populate the database contains multiple rows for a single customer_ID, so database must allow multiple rows for one user id.

This tutorial explains how to create additional tables inside a database and add data inside the table.

To create new tables inside a database, first open the php My Admin tool, click on the Databases tab and click on the name of the desired database.

So you would copy all the Word Press files/folders to the new destination, set the correct ownership to those files = then do the database switcheroo.