Updating unleashx

The HDD saves display OK, no problem there, the problem is just with attached memory devices. With v.572 the partition is shown as "ng orange" in System Information (absolutely no idea why) but with v.584 it displays correctly. Unleash X v.584 can be found easily but finding v.572 might be more difficult.

Peculiarly the AID (Auto Installer Deluxe) version I use has both.

updating unleashx-35

I can FTP using the stock dash that comes installed with SID but after i FTP in and remove the old 572 Dash and transfer the updated Unleash X 584 Dash it won't let me FTP from the updated 584 Dash, But i can launch the Soft-Mod Installer from the menu and I'm able to FTP using the Soft-Mod Installer Menu.

So I've read even further and deleted the dash's cache folder in the UDATA folder on E: but that didn't help the FTP portion.

FTP it first into E\: Backup or another folder created for the purpose.

In File Explorer find that Unleash X dash main and click on it to make sure it works too.

For this reason it cannot be downloaded from its official website but can still usually be found in many IRC channels or FTP servers where many other XDK built Xbox homebrew applications, games and dashboards are distributed.