catholic dating online - Validating form input

I am developing an application where a user will store arbitrary key-value pairs.

The value is of no interest to the application, as it will merely be stored and returned at a later moment.

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A potential reason for It is always bad idea to enforce validation until you're absolutely sure you're doing a right thing, since enforcing validation may be harmful: for example, some of e-mail validation algorithms still doesn't know that " " is allowed inside username part of e-mail addresses and that really hurts some users.

So, If you are asking for a specific type, then you should validate and only accept that specific type.

If I input a number into an note taking application I want to note the same thing if I note: "1 233", "1,233" or "1233".

I would want freedom to enter the number as I want but on the other hand have 1233 stored in the database in all cases.

If you are just storing strings, then you could get away with just basic empty string type validation if you wanted to.