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I have included an excerpt from PCPro from the year 2007 on the Landslide case.

A few words about myself: I am German, but have lived about 20 years abroad, have a background in the telecommunications sector and later a second training in the field of education.

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It’s a pain to be sure, and many of China’s leading internet giants earned their popularity through third-party keyboards boasting better predictive technology than the default options on computers. In Taiwan, Mandarin is also the lingua franca, yet consumers there seldom use push-to-talk on Line, the nation’s chat app of choice.

Instead, they type using an equally clumsy input method, or use handwriting-recognition software to manually draw out each character.

Rather than fumbling with a tiny pixelated keyboard, users simply press a button and speak.

Typos are an impossibility, because the recipient gets a recording, not text.

Discussions on this topic have lasted for months and have triggered a strong polemic which is also reflected in various forums.