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Combative as an interviewee, defensive as a person, you read that he is pernickety, brusque, that he challenges every question. Bringing all the players back together was obviously a big deal, but he seems resolved not to be ruffled by that or explain why they couldn't agree.

It has been said that it's his ordinariness that is so winning.

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All of the above may have combined to make him one of the best-paid heroes of all time.

He once said empathy was not a talent but a disposition.

That's a character I prefer to play, a guy who's in over his head, who survives because of his tenacity, or his wit, or his dumb luck. Harrison Ford grew up in the nondescript suburb of Des Plaines, Chicago.

He left town with his new wife when he was 22, to come to Hollywood.

He was voted the world's sexiest man and is the only actor to have banked $100m for every decade on screen. But there's far too much tangible conflict going on inside him for me to buy into that. He once said, 'I simply have no particular yearning to do the same work for less money.' He once referred to his audiences as 'my customers'.


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