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Ulrika had distant Scottish ancestry from her surname, “Montgomery”.Max’s matrilineal line can be traced back to Anna Margareta Holm, who was born c. "When I told my mum, she wasn’t into the idea at all.

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Gustaf was the son of Gustaf Johan Rappe and Hedvig Hammarskjöld.

Catharina was the daughter of Henning Christian Schmiterlöw and Anna Matilda Palbitzki.

And though stories about how the next It-girls were discovered in supermarkets are now dwindling (largely due to social media), there are still a ton of surprising and entertaining supermodel discovery stories to look back on.

We rounded up the most unusual places and times supermodels were discovered, from the famous ’90s face who was discovered shucking corn to the iconic cover girl who was found in an airport.

Max’s paternal grandfather was Otto Ludwig/Ludvig von Sydow (the son of Daniel Peter von Sydow and Anna Charlotta Butsch/Butch).