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But he left behind a legacy of people who love him and will miss him deeply. Gene Wilder and Mary Joan Schutz were dating in the 1960s when Schutz’s daughter, Katharine, began calling Gene “dad.” At that point, according to Gene’s book “Kiss Me Like a Stranger,” he decided to marry Mary and adopt Katharine in 1967. In an interview with Larry King Live in 2002, Gene Wilder said that he had a daughter and “lost her a long while ago.” “That’s too sad a story to go into,” he said about her.King asked how old Katharine was when Gene lost her, and he said she was 22 or 23.She got very upset and this played a big part in her estrangement from Wilder.

He married Gilda Radner in 1984 and they were together until she died of cancer in 1989.

He and Gilda tried to have children, and she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer while she was being treated for infertility.

At Jordan’s wedding, Wilder served as the role of the ‘father’ of the groom.

When Jordan released a statement after Wilder’s death yesterday, he signed it “Gene’s kid.” Jordan was distraught at his uncle’s death.

[etn-inline-post id=”32447″] After seven years of marriage, Wilder and Schutz got divorced.