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The case was eventually closed with no official explanation, and Carroll dropped a civil lawsuit against Copperfield.

Carroll was later charged with prostitution and making false sexual assault accusations against another man, in Washington state.

It began Tuesday night, when the New York Post’s Page Six, a paragon of journalistic integrity/accuracy, ran an item about Bill Murray celebrating the premiere of his latest film, Rock the Kasbah, with a “special lady friend,” accompanied by a photo of the legendary actor singing onstage with Jenny Lewis—the acclaimed singer-songwriter behind Rilo Kiley.

Using heightened Page Six language, they breathlessly described how Lewis showed up to the film’s afterparty at “the bitter end of the night,” and quoted an anonymous source describing Lewis as Murray’s “special friend” and “current younger love interest” (Lewis is 39 to Murray’s 65).

Also Read: David Copperfield Accused of Drugging, Assaulting 17-Year-Old Model in 1988 (Exclusive) The Wrap has obtained footage of the “Look of the Year” competition, held in September 1988 in Atami, Japan, that establishes that both Copperfield and Lewis attended.


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