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However, early this year, there was another photo of Joe Budden that Cyn Santana posted, but made it clear they were just friends.But, there is an eyewitness who claims much more going on.

Joe Budden says Nicki Minaj is stupid for dating Meek Mill, who he says is also stupid. “If I don’t like what I hear when that French record comes out, I’m not taking prisoners,” he said. Because I think I’m being fairly considerate considering I feel like I’ve gotten dissed or addressed.” Video of Joe Budden speaking on Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill, as well as the possible diss on French Montana’s record, can be found below.

Rapper Joe Budden appeared to be heavily concerned with Nicki Minaj’s “unawareness” of podcasts as he commented on the Queens rapstress sending a subliminal jab at him. And I know she’s stupid cause she like stupid niggas.

star Kaylin Garcia says the biggest threat in her relationship with rapper Joe Budden is his ex-girlfriend Tahiry Jose.

(All three were on the show.) Kaylin thinks that in order for them to move forward as a couple he would have to leave Tahiry behind.

“It is akin to standing in the middle of traffic…or making an unreasonable noise in public,” he said.


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