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Find more about that toast (which is meant as a tribute not an insult) on the Yeoman Warders' website or see our link to pages within this website.

The Yeomen Warders of which anything is known is that of the Sergeants-at-Arms who were mounted guards raised by Richard 1 in 1191.

The Queen's Body Guard of the Yeomen of Guard is committed to equality of opportunity.

We aim to appoint the best people from those who are eligible to be Yeomen (see Recruitment).

elow is a short history of The Body Guard and within the site a more comprehensive and detailed history.

Our uniform and weaponry are described in fine detail and certain myths are dispelled.

Nothing is actually known of this guard beyond the fact that it had a very short existence, as it is not mentioned again, and the long-bow was then becoming the national weapon, being much quicker in performance.