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Both of these men are subordinate to Tommy Winata, a man with tremendous authority in Jakarta’s entertainment establishments and districts." If you speak Indonesian, you could also read the following report from Tempo about the Gang of the 9 Dragons which controls drugs, prostitution, gambling and all mafia activities in Jakarta:"Isi Perut 'Geng Sembilan", May 31st 1999.

The legend that circulated for years about the Stadium was that it belonged to a General in the Indonesian army who was previously a boss at Pertamina.

Officially owned by Alex Tirta and managed with his son.

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Gadja Mada was then sold to the Lippo Group in 2007.

The following article from Tempo also links the Kumalas to the Gang Of Nine (see here) Tommy Winata and his family may have shares or interests in several venues, but it is almost impossible to say which ones with certainty.

There is a possible link beween the Kumala brothers and the Gang of Nine: Millenium was located in Gadja Mada Plaza, owned by Artha Buana Sakti which belonged to Tommy Winata.

In a 2006 interview to Tempo, he declared that 6 floors of the Mall were given to his Bank Artha Graha Prima to pay back a debt from Bank Harapan Sentosa.

One certainty regarding Millenium Club is that it was founded by Cahyadi and Haryadi Kumala, who are also the owners of Sentul City and the Golden Boutique Hotels.