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D'Amato alleges that when she was eliminated the producers enticed her by asking what her mother would think.

If you throw a girl in there that has some experience and that knows what she's doing a little bit more, I think it gives the competition a little bit of an edge, and it really helps to see who rises to the top," explained Jones, obviously backtracking over her previous comments.

"There's more than one judge, and I really think that every judge has their own opinion on the show.

If they didn't feel like I deserved to be , than I wouldn't.

She won the ninth cycle of America's Next Top Model.

Archived from the original on September 6, Everything you need to know about Cari Dee is in her Twitter bio: April Wilknerseason 3 contestant and resident Asian Beauty, most known for her flirtatious chemistry with fashion photog Hottie Nigel Barker She has a a consistent modeling career, and has been photographed by Nigel Barker as well, After being told that she was weaker than her other contestants when she was voted off in the finally 3 episode, she has gone on to do several print ads as well as commercials for Pantene and Target and is doing better than the other two "stronger" contestants Nik Pace and Nicole Linkletter Kim Stolzseason 5 contestant and resident lesbian has had a good careers since being voted off.

"The camp wasn't a modeling camp," Stowers explained to reporters.