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Projects and experiments are emphasized over textbook learning. In traditional literature programs students focus on decoding the mechanics of texts: plot, characterization, and themes.

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NCC is focussed on providing our students with every opportunity for success and this success-centric approach is integral to our program.

High expectations for learning are placed upon students and this is accompanied by a high level of support by our caring, dedicated, and enthusiastic faculty.

Students still learn foundational scientific ideas and content (and build on this knowledge progressively); however, relative to expository science instruction, inquiry-based programs have students spend more time developing and executing their own experiments (empirical and theoretical).

Students are frequently challenged to develop critical and scientific-thinking skills by developing their own well-reasoned hypothesis and finding ways to test those hypotheses.

The Niagara Parkway—the route through which NCC is accessed—is a sleepy, scenic drive along the eastern edge of the Niagara peninsula.