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2Bi C - Soul Mate Walking Backwards (Repackage) (Mini Album 2014) 223.

2NE1 & Big Bang - YG In Da Mix Part 9 (lbum 2013) 253.

2NE1 & Big Bang - YG In Da Mix Part 6 (lbum 2012) 250.

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12012 - Ray ~Hidari Mawari no Kaichuudokei~ (Single 2004) 95.

12012 - Suisou no Naka no Kanojo (Single 2004) 102.

2NE1 & Big Bang - Acapella Version (Album 2011) 242.

2NE1 - World Tour Live 'All Or Nothing in Seoul' (Album 2014) 276.

2AM - One Spring Day (Japanese Version) (Album 2013) 201. 2AM - The Best Love (Fukuyama Masaharu Remake) (Single 2011) 203.


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    They begin to work in their workshop, and Sindri puts a pig's skin in the forge and tells his brother (Brokkr) never to stop working the bellows until he comes and takes out what he put in.

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    Nucleonic gauges are also used in the coal industry.

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    Certain relationships are meant to fill a specific purpose and time in your life.