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PDF files cannot be printed from Word Perfect X3 Service Pack 1 or earlier Problem: When attempting to create a PDF file from Corel Word Perfect X3 with Service Pack 1 or earlier installed, the "Save as" dialog that appears may be missing fields and buttons required to save.

It is recommended that you use no more than 512 fields per record.

When you create a data text file, each field is marked by the ENDFIELD code and each record by the ENDRECORD code.

In this case, it is a real estate file and information is filled in as it is received from the buyer, seller or lender so when the file is first opened all the information is not available. Originally posted by Margo: IFNOTBLANK (SELLERSNAME) FIELD(SELLERSNAME)ENDIF IFBLANK (SELLERSNAME) MRGCMND(SELLERSNAME)ENDIF This works fine if I merge it the second time, but does not keep the fields in if I want to merge the form a third time after adding additional information to the data file. There is no need to use the MRGCOMMAND() for that purpose unless you have something else going on that you are not describing.

Since some infomation is also filled in manually as to the status of the file, rerunning the merge using the original form is really not an option as the manual entries would be wiped out. I am having difficulty understanding why you are editing a data file with the merge that you are also merging with the data file tat you are editing.

I want the merge fields in the form to remain if the corresponding dat file entry is blank.