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Baton Rouge police, the local district attorney, and Louisiana Gov.

John Bel Edwards (D), who called the video “disturbing,” announced Wednesday morning that federal officials with the U. Attorney’s office and the Department of Justice would investigate Sterling’s death.

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“You want to see what the police are going to say and how transparent they’re going to be,” said Reed, 43, who has spent most of his life in Baton Rouge. “This is a civil rights movement, and this is the continuation of same struggle that black people have been going through for so many years.” A second video, filmed by the owner of the store Alton Sterling was selling CDs in front of, shows a clearer view of the altercation in which Sterling was shot and killed on July 5.

“You know that you’re holding a chess piece, the most important part is to move that piece at the right time.” But when police did not immediately release body and dash camera footage, and then after activists heard that officers have allegedly seized security camera footage from the convenience store that captured the shooting, Reed and others decided to publish the video. It also seems to show officers removing something from Sterling's pocket after he was shot.

They began posting it to Facebook and Instagram around 5 p.m. (Gillian Brockell/The Washington Post) in response to police shootings during the past two years.

In both Ferguson, Mo., and Baltimore, demonstrations gave way to nights of rioting and violence as frustrated community members demanded answers following the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, and Freddie Gray, who died in police custody in Baltimore.

Cellphone video showing Sterling on the ground, underneath two officers, when he was killed, began circulating online early Tuesday evening.