Datacontext submitchanges not updating

// ********************************* // People Updates // ********************************* // In Engr and So E Empl IDs = Input List. Get Engr By Ids(Empl IDs); // retrieve objects from Engr So E = DB.

So E); // retrieve IDs in tables Engr and So E Engr = DB.

datacontext submitchanges not updating-41

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You can, however, add the inserted object to the company's data compliances collection, then do the update and it will be what you expect.

Note that I think you still need to assign the associated entity which you're using in your check.

I have found it useful to use the Log property of the Data Context to see the SQL being generated.

See You could then use something like the code below to output the SQL to the Visual Studio Debug window while debugging.

Enumerating the associated entities will cause them to be loaded if they haven't been eagerly loaded already.


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