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He was fucking her in what Bill called "the missionary position".

The caption read, "Cecilia was about to give her virginity to her own father! I dropped my shorts down around my ankles, and started reading the text on the opposite page from the picture.

She flipped through the stack of Playboys, then brought one back and sat beside me on the bed. There in front of my eyes was a gorgeous naked woman! And unbelievably huge -- just the way I liked them!

Several finished model airplanes hung from the sloped ceiling.

I flopped down on the couch and looked at the book in my hands. I must have jacked off at least once for each chapter -- and it had lots of chapters.

I meant, like a "how to" book, or better yet, a book with nude pictures.

He pulls out a few well worn paperbacks with lurid covers and titles like "Hippie Sex Slaves", "Teenage Sex Club" -- and a few Playboy magazines (60's issues). Bill told me that all this stuff came from his father!

A moment later, a sharp pain on my head caused me to wince and snap my head forward, and my face collided with her breast!


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